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If you’re a creative person you have to get lost in yourself – MISHAL MOORE

Innately curious, with a passion for discovery,
The Maior is about the fledgling greats,
the innovators, those who aspire to... be more.

In-depth articles, inspiring photography and visually arresting video are our tools of the trade, dissecting greatness and comparing recurring traits.

Fusing entertainment and information, The Maior is a lifestyle magazine that is at once both thought provoking and attention grabbing.

With a blend of music videos, interviews, imagery and articles we can help filter the digital noise of daily life and get to the heart of ‘right now’.

We’ll be examining a different trait of greatness every issue, and asking you to get involved by writing about your own journey, in forthcoming issues of this bi-monthly magazine.

Together, we are The Maior.


Our sole mission was to create something great, create something different...

The Maior

It’s distinctive, original and it’s got something to say. It offers pause for thought, to see, to absorb. We hope it gives you new ideas and will encourage you to look at life from a different perspective.


Different to the run of the mill page turner, The Maior speaks with highly original voices. How do you question an open book? While others ask questions with the answers already in cyber space, we pride ourselves on the craft of interviewing.

We have a tale to tell behind the currency of mere exposure, and so for each issue we seek out new talents to showcase in features. In issue one we open with Mishal Moore, one of seven features, we present the follower of passion, Daniel Blake, alongside the wisdom of Roger Wade, founder of Boxpark.

Although we offer a thought through, 21st century media experience, we believe nothing in The Maior should distract from the content.

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Visually arresting videos, that allow us to bring our features to life, delivered with the elegance and panache you will come to expect from The Maior.


Compelling photography that has the power to hold your attention among the visual noise of our everyday lives.